Illustrating the forensics special issue of Science Magazine required a lot of creative thinking! I traveled with the photographer to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and worked closely with two scientists to create this beautiful image. Read the full story here. (Photo by Matthew Rakola)

Project Prakash

I worked closely with a talented photographer in India to get this beautiful image of a young boy who had his sight restored by a Project Prakash doctor. (Photo by Graham Crouch)


When Science decided to publish a feature story about the National Ecological Observatory Network, I worked with the team to create a comprehensive visual presentation strategy for the story. The result was a collection of still images, time lapse footage, interviews and footage of the Front Royal, Virginia location. See the full online presentation HERE. (Photo by Trevor Frost)

Data Stories

As the producer of the first annual Data Stories video contest, I worked closely with the Chief Digital Media Officer at Science magazine to develop a data visualization video contest. I coordinated with many departments within Science to define contest parameters, create official rules, develop the contest web page and advertise the contest in print and online. Data Stories Website (art by Val Altounian)