Artificial Intelligence

I worked closely with senior designer Garvin Grullón, editor Jelena Stajic, and USC researchers to visualize how a virtual interviewer sees a human in this spread opener to the AI special section.

Isolated Tribes

This special issue about isolated Amazonian tribes includes mostly stock imagery. I searched extensively to find the most accurate and profound images to illustrate the article. (Design by Garvin Grullon)


I worked with a scientist who has been researching thin films using bubbles to help him take this photograph. The process required multiple photo shoots, but we finally got a great image! (Photo by Wiebke Drenckhan)


This cover photograph required some patience and persistence. I worked with the photographer in her studio to get our “talent” (an infant and an older gentleman) to hold their hands in the perfect position for the image. (Photo by Erin Scott)

Ray of Light

“Ray of Light” references an incredible transparent robotic stingray being developed at Harvard University by a team of scientists. Read the full story of how we captured this image here. (Photo by Ken Richardson)