Kale and Brownies

Kale and Brownies is the brain child of a medically trained health-enthusiast who shares her knowledge and experience with others. The website contains blog postings, recipes and personal stories.


DRH is run by an experienced group of investors who seek out properties to purchase, update and sell. In my meetings with DRH, we discussed their business goals and I designed the site with their clients and goals in mind. This website was created with WordPress and I provided video training to the team so that they could update the site themselves.

Jan Watkins, JD, MSW

Jan Watkins is a lawyer and clinical social worker who runs her own business in the Washington, DC area. (She also happens to be my mom!) This website is built using Google Sites which is a free service that allows you to build a website and link it to a custom URL. The website includes basic functionality that allows her to share information with her current and potential clients. Google Sites can be a very challenging tool to work with, however, it is quite a powerful tool considering it is free!

Lucky Thai

Lucky Thai Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that opened in the spring of 2016. The restaurant features authentic thai dishes created by Mr. and Mrs. Sirirungsri. I have known the family for nearly 15 years, so I had an understanding of and appreciation for their incredible work ethic that allowed them to save enough money to open their own Thai restaurant after being in the United States for nearly 20 years. I received only a menu from Mrs. Sirirungsri and created the site from there using WordPress.

Tapping in Schools

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful self-help tool that is evidence-based. It is similar to acupuncture but involves no needles, only light tapping. Tapping in Schools is a company that is helping to teach the tool to educators around the world so that children can benefit from its use. When I first spoke with Sue Tarlton, I was excited by her mission and her goals for spreading information about this tool. I worked with Sue to develop visual and written content for the website, chose photographs for each page and created an e-commerce element for the site.