Welcome to my portfolio site! Over the span of my ten-year career working in film, television, print media, and web design, I have been involved in developing ideas into compelling visual content and creating solutions to significant organizational challenges.  I love to collaborate with passionate and dedicated people to share their stories with the world. I can create a video about your business, build you an engaging website, or develop a strategy for how to best tell your story. 

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Short Films

Uncovering Passion: Photography

Director, Producer

Trevor Frost is a photographer, filmmaker, world traveler, and crocodile aficionado. He grew up building tree forts in Richmond, Virginia, and traveled extensively in Africa and South America after graduating from college. His stunning photographs of gelada monkeys in Ethiopia were published in the April 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Check out his beautiful photographs!

Uncovering Passion: Filmmaking

Director, Producer

Melissa Lesh is a documentary videographer and adventurer who travels around the world collecting stunning content. Melissa loved bugs as a child and discovered her love of filmmaking while working for the Fish and Wildlife Service. She loves gardening, hanging out with her ball python, Mana, and kayaking in Richmond. Check out Melissa’s work at emergingearthfilms.com

Uncovering Passion: Healing

Director, Producer

Meg Barry is a holistic counselor who offers a unique approach by integrating alternative processes into her work with clients. Her private practice, Harvest Moon Awakenings, is based in Durham, North Carolina. According to Meg, “The Harvest Moon adapted it’s name in folklore for its ability to shine light for farmers to harvest their crops late into the night: creating ... Read More

Uncovering Passion: Design

Director, Producer

Marika Tsombikos is a handbag designer and business owner in Northern Virginia. She realized that she loved fashion when she was eight years old. Marika has been pursuing her excitement about design, fabric, colors and sewing while building her business Kai and Ros. Check out her video to learn more about her path and then take a look at her unique designs at kaiandros.com.

Uncovering Passion: Teaser

Director, Producer

Uncovering Passion is a series of three-minute films about people who are trying to create authentic, joyful lives. Each short film will give you a glimpse into one person’s life and will hopefully inspire you on your journey!

Problem Solving & Transformative Solutions

Data Stories


As the producer of the first annual Data Stories video contest, I worked closely with the Chief Digital Media Officer at Science magazine to develop a data visualization video contest. I coordinated with many departments within Science to define contest parameters, create official rules, develop the contest web page and advertise the contest in print and online. Data Stories Website (art by Val Altounian)


Art Director,

When Science decided to publish a feature story about the National Ecological Observatory Network, I worked with the team to create a comprehensive visual presentation strategy for the story. The result was a collection of still images, time lapse footage, interviews and footage of the Front Royal, Virginia location. See the full online presentation HERE. (Photo by Trevor Frost)

Film and TV Work


Associate Producer,

Working at Smithsonian on SEAL Dog was an incredible opportunity to learn about military working dogs. I met and worked closely with a former Navy SEAL and his trained german shepherd, Chopper. We filmed at military locations, interviewed military personnel and gathered extensive footage. I coordinated production for our off-site producer and ensured that the process went smoothly.

Monsters Inside Me

Associate Producer,

One of the biggest challenges of working on Monsters Inside Me was finding interview subjects who were willing to be part of the show. I spoke with many individuals who had endured terrible parasitic and bacterial infections that had left them in the hospital. I contributed to pitch meetings and also assisted in simplifying complex medical concepts into graphic mockups.

Mysteries at the Museum


Each episode of Mysteries at the Museum requires historical images and footage. I located these assets, obtained hi-resolution copies and cleared rights for the images for many episodes of the show.

Photo Editing / Art Directing


Art Director,

Illustrating the forensics special issue of Science Magazine required a lot of creative thinking! I traveled with the photographer to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and worked closely with two scientists to create this beautiful image. Read the full story here. (Photo by Matthew Rakola)

Ray of Light

Art Director,

“Ray of Light” references an incredible transparent robotic stingray being developed at Harvard University by a team of scientists. Read the full story of how we captured this image here. (Photo by Ken Richardson)


Art Director,

I worked with a scientist who has been researching thin films using bubbles to help him take this photograph. The process required multiple photo shoots, but we finally got a great image! (Photo by Wiebke Drenckhan)

Website Design

Tapping in Schools

Web Designer

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful self-help tool that is evidence-based. It is similar to acupuncture but involves no needles, only light tapping. Tapping in Schools is a company that is helping to teach the tool to educators around the world so that children can benefit from its use. When I first spoke with Sue Tarlton, I was excited by her mission and her goals for spreading information about this tool. I worked with Sue to develop visual and written content for the website, chose photographs for each page and created an e-commerce element for the site.

Lucky Thai

Web Designer

Lucky Thai Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that opened in the spring of 2016. The restaurant features authentic thai dishes created by Mr. and Mrs. Sirirungsri. I have known the family for nearly 15 years, so I had an understanding of and appreciation for their incredible work ethic that allowed them to save enough money to open their own Thai restaurant after being in the United States for nearly 20 years. I received only a menu from Mrs. Sirirungsri and created the site from there using WordPress.

Jan Watkins, JD, MSW

Web Designer

Jan Watkins is a lawyer and clinical social worker who runs her own business in the Washington, DC area. (She also happens to be my mom!) This website is built using Google Sites which is a free service that allows you to build a website and link it to a custom URL. The website includes basic functionality that allows her to share information with her current and potential clients. Google Sites can be a very challenging tool to work with, however, it is quite a powerful tool considering it is free!


Web Designer

DRH is run by an experienced group of investors who seek out properties to purchase, update and sell. In my meetings with DRH, we discussed their business goals and I designed the site with their clients and goals in mind. This website was created with WordPress and I provided video training to the team so that they could update the site themselves.

Kale and Brownies

Web Designer

Kale and Brownies is the brain child of a medically trained health-enthusiast who shares her knowledge and experience with others. The website contains blog postings, recipes and personal stories.